What is Therapeutic Foster Care?

Therapeutic Foster Care provides family placements for children and youth who cannot safely remain with their own families.  These children often come into the custody of the Child Welfare System because of abuse/neglect or another adverse event that left them feeling alone, afraid, and mistrustful of the world.   In response to their traumatic experiences, these children may exhibit behavioral, emotional, and social problems that cause them to have difficulty in everyday functioning.

At Health Connect America, Therapeutic Foster Care Program, our primary goal to place these children into the homes of well-trained, caring families where they can experience lives that are as normal as possible while still receiving the support and clinical treatment they need to resolve their issues.

Health Connect America professionals are compassionate and clinically competent in working with victims of trauma, working hand-in-hand with the foster parent as partners, crisis-counselors and trainers to ensure that each family is equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide and stable foster placement.

The TFC crisis line for each state is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for emergencies or situations in which there is a need for more intense guidance, training, or intervention.   Other services our agency offers for foster children include but are not limited to intensive supervision, in-home counseling, outpatient counseling, psychiatric services, and coordination of medical treatment when necessary.

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