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There are several different employment services, each service is designed to help the individual be able to obtain and maintain employment in their community. The following services are available:

Exploration: These services helped the individual decide what they would want to work and the kinds of jobs thy might like and be good at by visiting job sites that match their skills and interests. Also helps the individual (and their family) understand the benefits of working and helps answer the individual’s questions about work.

Discovery: This service helps the individual identify the kinds of work the individual wants to do, the skills and strengths the individual will bring to your work, and what the individual needs to be successful. This information can be used to help the individual’s write a plan to get a job or start your own business for a later service.

Situation Observation and Assessment: This service gives the individual a chance to try our certain jobs to see what the individual might like and what the individual will need to get ready for those jobs.

Job Development Plan or Self-Employment Plan: This service provides a job developer to the individual who will write a plan to get a job (or start your own business).

Job Development or Self-Employment Start Up: This service provides a job developer to help the individual carry out the individual’s plan to get a job (or start your own business).

Job Coaching: A job coach will support the individual when you start your job until the individual can do the job by themselves or with help from co-workers.

Career Advancement: This service helps the individual work on getting a job promotion in order to obtain better job or earn more money.

Integrate Employment Path Services: This is time-limited training to get the individual ready for work in the community. For example, working on soft skills such as hygiene, social skills and appropriate behaviors in the workplace.

Currently, Health Connect America offers Employment Services in Tennessee.

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