Performance & Quality Improvement | Health Connect America

Health Connect America maintains that high-quality care for clients and their families, and a positive and empowering work environment, can only be accomplished through a performance & quality improvement process. We look to gain feedback from everyone involved at every level, inside and outside our organization. We take that data and analyze it with a focus on recognizing patterns and trends. Then we develop an on-going plan to ensure we understand all aspects of our process and continue to do the things that are adding positive aspects to our work and our success.

Additionally, we then develop plans to address those patterns and trends that show areas where we could improve our process. And finally, we continuously analyze all future data to identify areas of success and areas for improvement, ensuring that our work environment and outcomes for our stakeholders are of the highest quality.

Our Performance and Quality Improvement Process is based on the Continuous Quality Improvement Model which focuses on the importance of continuing to ask “Can we do it better? Can we do this more quickly? Is there something else we could do to improve the quality of care for our clients and the tools for our employees who deliver this high-quality care?” In this model, the point is to focus on improvement even when nothing is wrong.

And so to that end we believe that there must be two things that occur at all times to ensure this success:
• We must find ways to involve all our stakeholders at all levels of our decision-making process by providing opportunities for them to give input and feedback
• We must truly live by a “team approach” in all our endeavors.

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